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    Cambiar mi foto de perfil o Avatar

    Para Smartphones o Tablets: 1. Por favor, haga click en su foto: Una vez haga click, verá un botón titulado "Edit" en donde ve nuestra foto de perfil, en el mismo lugar. 2. Podrá observar que se abre una ventana emergente. En ella podrá subir su imagen, se recomienda 400x400 en el tamaño...
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    Jungkook broking records as always! Now is time to ‘Seven’

    Bts' Jungkook is having a lot of success with his new single "Seven", read more: BTS’ Jungkook broke another impressive record with ‘Seven’
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    TEST -
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    How to upload Wallpapers? TEST 1

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    PRUEBA 2
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    Spotify Update: July 13th 2023

    Most streamed artists on Spotify on Tuesday (Jul. 11, 2023)
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    NewJeans - Ditto (Korean Lyrics)

    Woo woo woo woo ooh Woo woo woo woo Stay in the middle Like you a little Don't want no riddle 말해줘 say it back Oh say it ditto 아침은 너무 멀어 So say it ditto 훌쩍 커버렸어 함께한 기억처럼 널 보는 내 마음은 어느새 여름 지나 가을 기다렸지 all this time Do you want somebody Like I want somebody 날 보고 웃었지만 Do you think about me now yeah...
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    NewJeans - Ditto (English Translation Lyrics)

    [English translation:] Woo woo woo woo ooh Woo woo woo woo Stay in the middle Like you a little Don't want no riddle Say it say it back Oh say it ditto Can't wait till the morning So say it ditto My feelings for you Like the memories we share Have grown so big Summer's already gone and it's...
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    NewJeans - Ditto (Romanized Lyrics)

    [Romanized:] Woo woo woo woo ooh Woo woo woo woo Stay in the middle Like you a little Don't want no riddle Malhaejwo say it back Oh say it ditto Achimeun neomu meoreo So say it ditto Huljjeok keobeoryeosseo Hamkkehan gieokcheoreom Neol boneun nae maeumeun Eoneusae yeoreum jina gaeul...
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    ES: Reglas del foro (Leer por favor)

    Reglamento actual del foro Music Mundial valora la discusión respetuosa en todo el sitio. Las reglas se aplican con sanciones que incluyen advertencias, prohibiciones de hilos, prohibiciones de foros y privilegios de publicación revocados. Se espera que todos los miembros lean y sigan las...
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    Harry Styles - As It Was (Official Lyrics)

    Holding me back Gravity's holding me back I want you to hold out the palm of your hand Why don't we leave it at that? Nothing to say When everything gets in the way Seems you cannot be replaced And I'm the one who will stay, oh In this world, it's just us You know it's not the same as it was...
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    BTS’ Jungkook about to go to the military service? Here are the details
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    Taylor Swift - Anti Hero (Official Lyrics)

    I have this thing where I get older, but just never wiser Midnights become my afternoons When my depression works the graveyard shift All of the people I've ghosted stand there in the room I should not be left to my own devices They come with prices and vices, I end up in crisis (Tale as old as...
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    LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin is madly in love with BTS’ Taehyung

    Read more here:
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    Ariana Grande has a twin and the resemblance is IMPRESSIVE

    Read More:
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    Selena Gomez - Vulnerable (Lyrics)

    If I gave you every piece of me, I know that you could drop it Give you the chance, I know that you could take advantage once you got it If I open up my heart to you, I know that you could lock it Throw away the key and keep it there forever in your pocket If I gave the opportunity to you, then...
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    Invite your friends to join to community!
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    They look amazing!
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