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  1. Sofia

    The Happiest Girl

    Don't hold my hand, don't beg me back Don't say that we'll make it through this Yeah, if I'm so beautiful, then why? The doors we slammed, the plates we smashed Echo with the sound of madness I can't remember why we try My heart only wants you The moment you say no But tonight, I'll be the...
  2. Sofia

    Hard To Love - Rosé (Lyrics)

    Ain't no magic tool to fix it You should keep your distance I'm only tellin' you because I care 'Cause I'm hard to love, find it hard to trust When it feels too good, I just fuck it up You want all of me, I can't give that much So don't fall too hard 'cause I'm hard to love (Yeah) I'm hard to...
  3. Sofia

    Typa Girl - Blackpink (Lyrics)

    Tipa chica que te hará querer soñar (Yo) Typa girl que salió directamente de la pantalla (Pantalla) Typa girl, quieres congelarte, hazme congelar (Ja, ja) Typa girl you wanna wife up, sign the pre Tanto mi cuerpo como mi cuenta bancaria, buena figura. Pensando en mí, pero no hay nada que...
  4. Sofia

    Yeah Yeah Yeah - Blackpink (Lyrics)

    Why do I keep smiling like this? You don't know why I’m doing it either It's ridiculous, I'm attracted to you Funny how I fell for your indifferent tone Why did you show up? What do I keep thinking about? If you like me, just tell me, yeah, yeah Just say yeah, yeah, yeah Just say yeah, yeah...
  5. Sofia

    Pink Venom - Blackpink (Lyrics)

    BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK One by one, then two by two Kick in the door, waving the coco Just get your popcorn, don't even think about getting involved I talk that talk, runways I walk, walk Close your eyes, pop, pretend you're not looking One by one, then two by two Everything...
  6. Sofia

    Shut Down - Blackpink (lyrics)

    BLACKPINK in your area, eh-oh BLACKPINK in your area, eh-oh It's not a comeback since we've never left Heads turn, careful, you might break your neck Pink ice drip, drip, drip, freeze 'em on sight Shut it down, what, what, what, what? It's not a game since we've never lost Bark, because the...
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